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Back from the death

So you MAYBE noticed I wasn't here for a couple of weeks. I know, it wasn't subtle at all. Just happens I had a heroic blue screen of death thanks to algebra, my work, the bills, and stuff. I'm back and lazier than ever, though.

You may have noticed the last strip, wich I just uploaded right now, looks different. Probably worse, depends on the eye.
It took me like 3 hours or more to finish each page before. While I don't mind taking my time to make something good, it turns out that I cannot work, study, and still lose all the evening doing a single third thing. So I was thinking about how to do it quicker. Here it is, no more line color. The cell-shading-esque look was a last minute decision, because it looks funny to me.

However anyway anyhoo, sorry for the mini-hiatus, and sorry for the style change, and I hope you like the new one and keep reading it.

Cheers 'n stuff!

posted by molegato @ March 30th, 2012, 6:45 pm  -  0 Comments

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