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So this week I have some (paid) work to do. I freaking need the money so that's the reason I'm not posting a lot of pages lately.
Also I need to buy a scanner ~_~

Anyways! I'm not letting you empty handed so here're some changes!
First off, the last summer wallpaper (I know I said there'd be four, but summer's gonna end, so 3 will be enought) is on the vote button, and the second one is on the download section. I'll move the last one there soon, too.

If you want to keep reading weird stuff I draw, have a look at my crappy side-comic: http://bluedigitalink.smackjeeves.com/
That's just a mess of sketches I do to learn how to use my tablet, so hopefully soon I can draw partyplz with it, and make it easier and faster!
See ya!

posted by molegato @ August 14th, 2012, 5:13 pm  -  0 Comments

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